Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Open Thread

Have Yourself a Merry Little....

What ever.

I'm in the kitchen most of the day. Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner consists of Tamales, Clam Chowder, Cornbread, Salads, and my favorite Mincemeat pies, made from a noble elk like the one pictured above. I get the chowder this year too.

I also have a full slate of church services to play tonight. At the United Methodist Church at seven for the candlelight, I'm playing the guitar to back children singing "The Friendly Beasts," and backing the fine tenor of the Minister as he sings "Silent Night." Then switching to the harp to back a glorious soprano singing "Minuit Chr├ętian."

I get enough time to drive across town to the Catholic parish that a grip of my friends and neighbors attend to play the Midnight Mass.

My very best wishes go out to all of you this season. I am holding on to a small, dimly shining hope that Senate Republicans will be visited this night by three spirits. Only one of those visitations needs to take.

What's on ya'll's menus? Are you surrounded by family to fight with and children to spoil? If you are, get off line and go do shit like talk to them.