Saturday, November 28, 2009

People Ain't Raised Right

I have a lot less patience and tolerance about ignorant behavior than I used to. Maybe it was 8 years of the GOP and George Bush, Maybe it was the summer of tea-baggers, maybe I am just getting old. But whatever it is, I just can't tolerate it when people turn out to be just plain old mean-assholes.

In my little wine bar tonight, a friend was performing. My place has like 20 seats, very cozy and the woman who was tickling the ivories and signing was doing some bluesy-balad-y stuff not raucous rock and roll. One of her sort of friends came with another buddy to hear her sing.

Now I know there is a difference between bars and concert halls. But you know what, no one came to hear you be a dick, so just sit down and shut up while the lady is singing. I mean really- this guy got drunk, started making noises during the songs and just being a pain in the ass. And I just don't get it. Why do people think it is ok to be a 12 year old school yard jerk whenever they drink a few beers? ick. It is seriously the worst part of being in the restaurant and bar business.

Anyway, the music was lovely and after Mr. Gator shushed the guy and then glared at him as only an ex-green beret can... things quieted down and a good night was had. But it does keep me wondering. Why aren't people raised right?