Monday, October 19, 2009

My Version Of Palin AP Press Release

I am sure you can figure out which comments are mine...

MILWAUKEE AP- Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will speak(CANCEL-NOT-SHOW-UP-QUIT) in a Milwaukee suburb next month as part of a (FEARMONGERING)program presented by Wisconsin "Right to (CONTROL WOMEN)Life."

Officials say no tickets will be sold(TO SANE PEOPLE) at the door of the Nov. 6 event at Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park in West Allis, Wis.(UNLESS YOU PASS A WINGNUT EXAM AND SIGN A LOYALTY OATH)

General admission tickets are $30 with a limit of four (TOWNHALL-CRAZIES)per order.

Palin's (CANCELLATION)stop in Milwaukee comes 11 days before the former Alaska governor's (AND HER LAZY HUSBAND'S GRAVY TRAIN PRESS TOUR)memoirs(USING THE TERM LOOSELY) will be released.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled media spin-programming.

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