Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Dead Americans

The Republicans in their ever present wisdom, and before the ink is on the paper for the merged senate and house health care bill are already saying that they want a longer and longer debate time. More delays more wing-nut-townhall-teabagger style politics, ultimately more dead Americans.

according to rollcall

Democratic negotiations to merge two competing Senate health care bills got under way Wednesday, with Republicans characterizing the talks as backroom dealing and demanding two months of floor time to debate the final legislation...

Harry Reid's comment to this was

I believe that the Republican leader and all of his colleagues, with the exception of couple there — one of whom is Sen. [Olympia] Snowe and there are a couple others — want to do anything that they can do not to have a bill,” Reid said. “The length of the debate is going to be one where there will be sufficient time.

So via the report cited by Congressman Alan Grayson- that means that rather than the one month of debate and deliberation the GOP wants another 30 days or another 3,666 Americans without health care or with insufficient health care to die. Almost 4,000 peoples lives mean little or nothing to them. More than died in the twin towers.


get this bill done, get it voted on, and it BETTER have a robust public option.

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