Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Get Ready for All Palin All the Time

With the announcement that her book will be out 5 mons early in time for wing-nut-Merry-Christmas!-shopping, and now news that good old Todd is going to be living off the proceeds and touring around with his wife... we are not likely to get a break at all from the Palin Road Show.

Todd Palin, husband of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, has quit his job with BP in Alaska, the oil company says.

BP spokesman Steve Rinehart confirmed to the Alaska Dispatch Thursday night that Todd Palin submitted his resignation as a production operation on Alaska's North Slope, effective Sept. 18. Post Chronicle

Yup, Todd is all set to be another "Johnny Freeride" like failed presidential candidate and owner of 7 homes John McCain.

So tune in guys and gals, we are likely to see the talk-show bonanza beginning any day now.

I wonder if their 2008 wardrobe will cut it or if we will see another 150,000 dollar shopping spree?

Cross post from FL