Saturday, August 15, 2009

Netroots! Winding Down a Great Week and Honoring Shannyn Moore

photo of Shannyn Moore in Alaska

Sorry for not posting, though I was tweeting!

I will post up thoughts, impressions and some of my insights as we wind down. This morning we are just getting started with the big conversation with Valerie Jarrett.

One of the highlights for us this week was the awarding of the Steve Gilliard 2009 Grant to Shannyn Moore (a girl from Homer) for her work over this year in the blogosphere and in her bravery for standing up to Gov. Palin in Alaska.

Nice write up on FDL as well.

HS and I were so proud to stand up and choose her, and Shannyn was quite surprised and honored. I felt like Steve was there with us.

More on the other fabulous experiences at NN09 coming soon.