Thursday, August 20, 2009

Colonoscopy Prep

Drank a liter of this stuff called MoviPrep.


It's atomic Drāno for the bowels. Purpose: clean out everything.

Have to drink another liter in the morning. The trick is to mix the MoviPrep with COLD water. The directions specifically prohibit flavors, Gatorade and so on. They say to use luke-warm water. But go on line and everyone talks about how this stuff is the worst stuff they've ever tasted.

Eh... it's not the worst stuff I've ever drunk. But luke-warm, I'd probably puked.

Cold water, as cold as possible.

You have to have one of these at least every ten years, assuming all goes well.

Takes about two hours, outpatient basis. Daughter #2 is driving me home, 'cause I'll be all groggy after the anesthesia. The other interesting thing about the procedure is, tomorrow morning sometime, after the second dosage of this prep drink, I'll be able to tell my weight without any of the extra weight normally in my colon waiting for elimination. My body-fat percentage however will be all shot to hell, because I've been on a liquid diet for two days and body-fat (at least the way my scale does it) calculates the electrical impedance of current through water. Because I've been loading up with water my body-fat is WAY higher than normal. What I wouldn't give for a couple of slices of deep-dish pizza right now. Not a fan of this stupid liquid diet.

Later today at 2 pm I'm at the hospital. Presumably around 2:30 I'll be counting backwards from 10 and that will be it till I wake up in Recovery. So for all those of you whom have wanted me to shove it, well, today's the day. *laughs*

Checked with my medical plan Tuesday. It's all covered, including the co-pay. Doctor, Hospital, Anesthesiologist, Lab work, Radiology. Everything covered at 100%, because my plan believes preventative care matters. So do I.

Cheers everyone. See y'all after the procedure.