Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life is Just

(click to embiggify, and truly understand)
Yeah, It's That Good
The strikingly beautiful and wonderfully kind April has arrived, and is eating a breakfast of Temecula strawberries, Irish Oatmeal, and buttermilk. This afternoon my dear friend "Chaplain Charlie" is coming to grab some perfectly fresh fish stuff at the legendary Point Loma Seafood.
So, despite the insanities that seem to mount with every new day, the looming crush of debt devaluation, the stupidity of a media empire which, while Obama and Putin meet for the first time and actually begin to make some progress on arms control devotes an entire coverage day to Micheal Jackson's funeral (done on L.A.'s broke ass dime).
Nope, today is good.
My life is sweet for today.
I fucking insist.