Saturday, July 18, 2009

Conservative Democrats Have All the Qualities

Of a Dog, Except Loyalty

The "Blue Dog" Democrats of the Congress, are selling all of us out and down the river to safeguard their contributions from the Pharmacologists, the Insurance Industry, and anyone else with more money than us.

They have begun to call their little cabal dedicated to blowing up any last lingering hope of a rational and workable universal healthcare system "The Coalition of the Willing."

That's right, they've named their group after the bullshit label George W. Bush dreamed up so when he hoped he could fool people into thinking that our invasion of Iraq was anything but a U.S. run, U.S. led, U.S. bled operation.

When my kids were teenagers I used to tell them that the thing that pissed me off the most was when a major factor in their plans to pull something over on me was that I was supposed to be stupid. They are not only trying to ruin the legislation we need to begin reforming a broken system that is a drag on the economy for all of us, and the single most common reason for personal bankruptcies, they want us to be stupid enough to buy their cover stories.

If you are represented by a blue dog, tell that motherfucker to heel, and keep them on a tight leash.