Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Top 10 Stories I wanted To Read from Gilly in the Last Year

Hi all, I am chiming in on one of these Steve has died threads for the last time.

From here on out I am going to celebrate his LIFE.

I am going to mark his Birthday as a Netroots National Holiday- and his first post about beer-can-chicken, and the celebrations surrounding his beloved Mets.

We will be giving out the second annual Steve Gilliard Award for Journalism this summer at Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh. If you want to nominate someone let me know.

But today I will look back one last time and do a top 10 post.

These are the Top Ten (of the thousands)Posts I wanted to Read by Steve Gilliard from 2008-2009. These are the stories where I/we really needed to hear his wit, wisdom and ranting. Listed in order of how much I missed his voice...


Number 10; Various and Sundry Hillary and Bill play the race card analysis and the Robert Kennedy Gaffe

number 9; Obama Wins the Primary at long last in June 2008

number 8; Summer BBQ updates 2008

number 7; Election play by play with some reaction to Palin as VP

number 6; Bush the do nothing president throughout more than 1/2 of 2008

number 5; Wall Street, Wall Street, Wall Street, and the sub prime collapse

number 4; Afghanistan and is Barack's strategy sound? Or even Better Dick Cheney on Torture and Waterboarding.

number 3; Election night 2008 (with a little bit of thanksgiving dinner food posting and commentary about the new Met's stadium- I know this is three sep. posts but I am running out of room in my top 10.)

number 2; Michael Steele as the New RNC Chair (oh my, Steve would have had a lot to say about that)

and finally, number 1; Inauguration Day Jan 2009 and the Change We Need

I know now, after two plus years, I will never forget Steve. I will always wonder what he would have said about x.

But I also know, I will always almost be able to hear his voice in my head, I can certainly hear it in my heart. I am grateful to the universe that we got to read him and got to know him during his too short time in the fight.

RIP Steve- the Father of the Modern Fighting Liberals, and eff the eff'in Yankees!
From this year on- I am going to celebrate your Birthday. Celebrate your living on in those you inspired. Celebrate you and those you Loved. No more looking back. I believe you would have wanted it that way.

update: I would love to hear other people's top ten in the thread.