Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hubble Chuptzah

Nebula NGC 2818 in Pyxis (Planetary nebula designated NGC 2818, which lies in the southern constellation of Pyxis. Click on image to enlarge.)

Hubble Chuptzah

Whether planned repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope actually work, whether we've got five months or five years of science left to us from its orbit above us, I'm taking the opportunity to learn and be grateful for what we've learned thus far.

HubbleSite has one page devoted to Discoveries , "the scientific leaps that never would have been possible without Hubble's farseeing capabilities." This includes a multimedia journey into Dark Energy.

You can also spend hours browsing through their Picture Album, from which the above image was taken. And, of course, there's an in depth look at the current servicing mission.

So, for all you bona fide science geeks out there, here's a question I honestly don't understand any answer I've ever read: We keep hearing that Hubble shows us images almost back to the beginning of time. But if time has a beginning, what was there before time began?