Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Random Name That Tune Rears Its Ugly Head

I Have Some Time to Kill

I'm packing for a weekend gig in the Springs. Nothing special or earthshaking. Some up and comers from L.A. have decided that when they do their first big time gig they want a seasoned pro with them. That's some pretty thoughtful foresight on their part and lord knows, the money's good and the pressure's small.

This is going from the big ass hard drive instead of the iPod.

Since it's been a while I thought I'd go over the rules again. Not that I'm a big time rule weenie or anything, but about the only rule is No Google. (which of course, rules out any other search engine)

I'm going to give the first few lines of the song, you get to see if you can name it. Naming an artist gets extra credit but isn't mandatory.

The answer key, in case I'm not at the computer is posted at Harp and Sword.

Now, without further ado, no, wait, one more ado. The first song is from a musical that I'm up for another musical director's gig with. Extra points (which is pointless on account of there's no prize or anything) for guessing the show, and the composer.

1. "Bad Guys" from "Bugsy Malone" - composer, Paul Williams (who was kind enough to call my cell phone while I was meeting the producers, talk about sealing a deal, thanks dude)

We could've been anything that we wanted to be
But don't it make your heart glad
That we decided, a fact we take pride in
We became the best at being bad

2. John Voorhees shows his Indie cred by noticing The Decembrists "Odalisque"

They've come to find you Odalisque
As the light dies horribly
On a fire escape you walk
All rare and resolved to drop

3. JerryN gets "When I Paint My Masterpiece" a Dylan song, the version I was listening to was from The Band.

Oh the streets of Rome are filled with rubble
Ancient footsteps are everywhere
You can almost think you're seeing double
On a cold dark night on the Spanish Stairs

4. Shaun recognised "Tom Ames' Prayer" - Steve Earle

Everyone in Nacadoches knew Tom Ames would come to some bad end
Well the sheriff had cought him stealin' chickens and such
by the time that he was ten
And one day his daddy took a ten dollar bill
and he tucked it in his hand
He said I can tell you're headed for trouble son
and your momma wouldn't understand

5. John Voorhees also scores with Iron and Wine "Each Coming Night"

Will you say when I’m gone away
"My lover came to me and we'd lay
In rooms unfamiliar but until now"
Oh oh oh oh
Until now
Oh oh oh oh
Until now

6. Gatun Lake remembered Bob Dylan's "Every Grain of Sand" my version was a live sound board mix of Emmylou Harris

In the hour of my confession in the time of my deepest need
When the pool of tears beneath my feet floods every newborn seed
There's a dying voice within me reaching out somewhere
Toiling in the danger zone and the morals of despair

7. "Prank Calls" Kelley Stoltz

We got walls
And prank calls
Hey you know
Who that's coming from
Some old lover
Who ain't getting none

8. jill spots the wonderful, Kathy Mattea (a totally underappreciated voice and talent, but, hell, she went country on account of you can't even make car payments as a folkie)
"She Came from Fort Worth"

She came from Fort Worth, but Fort Worth couldn't hold her
Her dreams were bigger than the Texas sky
She's got a one-way ticket on the next bus to Boulder
It won't take her long to say good-bye

9. JerryN also gets "Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair." He's right that David Bromberg did a masterful version. The first recorded version I heard, and the one that bubbled up in my random mix was from the Empress of the Blues, Bessie Smith.

Now judge, your honor, hear my plea before you open up your court
I ain't beggin' for no sympathy for what I has to report
I caught him with some triflin' Jane,
I grabbed my knife and went insane
I cut him up and watched him bleed
Only one thing from you I need

10. "Prince of Peace" Leon Russell

 Try and judge me by my time and changes 
And not mistaken words, for I say many.
Listen closely to my song and watch my eyes;
There's not much time to speak, there's hardly any.

Never treat a brother like a passing stranger -
Always try to keep the love light burning -
Listen only to his song and watch his eyes