Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who Knew that Racists Drank So Much Tea?

photo courtesy Progress Now Colorado

The Tax day Tea-bagging circus promoted and fomented by Fox and Rush and the RWNM (right wing noise machine) are not about taxes, the are about losing. These folks lost the election and they don't know what to do about it. And since there are no reasonable people leading or uniting the republican party-- the vacuum is being filled by the fringe elements and the greedy news media.

Unfortunately the tea bag party has clearly become the happy home of racist, angry, and yes crazy people and they are more than willing to be the literal poster children for the GOP. (like this lovely young racist above)

During the scary Palin rallies it was the left who exposed photos and stories of some of the racist and violent elements that Sarah was stirring up. Like the grandpa that took the Obama monkey to a rally only to hide it and then give it to a kid when he realized he was on a CBS news camera,

(he was proud out in line when he thought it was just a regular person filming him)

During the election the racists were happy to share their propaganda with each other but were not displaying it so opening in the news. The media was downplaying it all back then-- calling the left hysterical when we pointed out the hatemongers that the GOP was whipping to a frenzy. But things are different now.

In their minority status-- the GOP and Fox have decided to encourage their followers to lead the charge and so the crazy racist slogans and hate speech are suddenly all over the news-- not just the blogs. FOX has put hate speech front and center-- and given the racists and crazies a national microphone.

I'm hopeful that this will turn out to be a huge mistake. I think be so out front with your racist hate and bile will turn off more and more people, shrinking the gop like a pair of tea bags in the icy cold ocean on an early summer swimming day in the northeast. (sorry couldn't resist-- too much Rachel Maddow this week)

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