Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time to Stop Police Violence

Beating up on girls, yeah... you are a tough guy.

SEATTLE (AP) — A King County sheriff's deputy kicks a 15-year-old girl, slams her to the floor of a jail cell, strikes her and pulls her hair in violence captured on videotape.

Prosecutors released the surveillance video Friday in the assault case against Deputy Paul Schene, who is accused of using excessive force on the girl. Schene, 31, pleaded not guilty to fourth-degree assault in Superior Court on Thursday.

Schene was investigated previously for shooting two people — killing one — in the line of duty in 2002 and 2006. Both times his actions were found to be justified, said Ian Goodhew, prosecutor's deputy chief of staff.

This goes way beyond the necessary use of force. Big tough guy, beating up on a 15 year old girl. She was not accused of any violent crime, she was unarmed, she could not have hurt this guy if she wanted to-- How can he possibly be pleading not guilty.

The guy with him... a trainee, so not only is this jerkoff beating up on girls, but he is teaching other cops to do the same.

It is long past time to get the word out to security and law enforcement that the George Bush days of jack booted thugs running our country is over-- time to clean house. These guys are out of control. I think assulting a cop should be a serious crime but Cops betraying the trust of the public-- who pay their salaries by the way-- should result in instant suspension, followed by certain dismissal and serious criminal charges if they are found guilty. We need a no tolerance law for this, now.

A little history on this deputy sheriff;
In June 2006, Schene fatally shot a suspect, Pedro Yo, who attacked him during a traffic stop. Yo had run back to his car and disobeyed Schene's orders to stop. Schene said he saw Yo reach for something in the seat, so he fired 11 times after he ran back to his car. An inquest jury found Schene's shooting was justified.- Mike Barber
I wonder if Yo even had a weapon. This guy is a menace. He better lose his badge over this one, before someone gets killed-- again.