Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardis Gras

Fat Tuesday

Remember this though. Because of his severe asthma, Aaron Neville is unable to breathe the air of his home. The toxic molds would kill that beautiful man, and destroy that exquisite voice.

For anyone who wants to talk about the gestation of the "Bo Diddley Beat," here it is. It started on the streets of New Orleans.

I miss New Orleans.

My grandma and your grandma
Sittin' by the fire
My grandma tell your grandma
She gonna set your flag on fire

Hey now!
Hey now!
Iko Iko an' de

Jackamo finno eye non neh
Jackamo finaney

My spy boy and your spy boy
Sitting by the fire
My spyboy tell your spyboy
He gonna set your flag on fire

Hey now!...

See my king he dress in red
Iko Iko an'de
Bet you five dollar he gonna kill you dead
Jackamo feenahnay.