Friday, February 20, 2009

A Lot of Folks Have Been Emailing Me

Descendants of Geronimo Sue Yale "Skull And Bones"

In Geronimo v. Obama the descendants of Geronimo have filed suit, demanding that the Yale Skull and Bones society return to them the skull of Go-lah-ka-yey (the yawner) who died of pneumonia in 1909 while still a prisoner in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Among the drunken fratboy grave robbers was Prescott Bush, father of George Herbert Walker Bush, and grandfather of George Walker Bush. John Kerry, William F. Buckley, and a host of other notable names in American politics and public service are also members of the notoriously secret society.

There is no direct evidence about anything being stolen from the grave. The Army though, in 1928, encased the grave in concrete to prevent any disturbances.

DNA will clear this up. I don't really care whose skull it is. I acknowledge that it was once the head of a human being. Who ever that human being was, they deserve better.

While the descendants of Go-lah-ka-yey are bringing the suit, members of the Ft. Sill band of Apaches, descendants of the Apache held at Ft. Sill, disagree. Some would rather leave the dead alone.

My personal feeling is that the court should determine if the elite snob members of an elite Ivy League secret society prone to throwing 3 day drunken sprees at "retreats" in the Berkshires have the right to keep human remains as an object, sacred, honored, revered or not.

If it is the skull of that great freedom fighter (yes, one man's freedom fighter is another man's renegade terrorist) I would suggest the Henry II solution. After he incited the murder of St. Thomas A'Beckett the Pope gave him a penance. He walked barefoot from London to Canterbury, wearing a sackcloth and a noose around his neck. He was to beg the forgiveness of every priest he met along the way. He was also given 20 "symbolic" lashes by the new Archbishop of Canterbury.

Walking from New Haven to New Mexico barefoot, begging the pardon of every Native American they meet along the way would be a great way to test the committment of these Ivy League assholes.

dano'ah selwigoh doo iis dah do'o iindii eedihii nanah daagon'iillka'ad

(all the free men are dead or still fighting)