Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crooks and Liars Rocks!

Time Magazine names Crooks And Liars a Top 25 Blog of 2009
Crooks and Liars rolls out new website... Newstalgia

Great news over at our friend John Amato's house.

First, Time Magazine says C&L rocks.

Time Magazine

When professional musician John Amato launched the Crooks and Liars political blog in October 2003, it featured something that was quite novel in those ancient pre-YouTube days: video clips. Today, Crooks and Liars is among the most widely read political blogs on the Web, and Amato — now known in blog circles as "the Vlogfather" — is recognized as a pioneer of video blogging. The video selections — snippets from government press briefings, Congressional hearings and TV talk shows — are the sort of clips that Jon Stewart uses for fodder, but this is a chance to see the video in its original unintentionally humorous context. Amato leans liberal, but his blog is an equal opportunity attack dog, taking a bite out of the crooks and liars on both sides of the aisle.
Crooks and Liars John Amato

Everyone at C&L works long and hard to make this corner of the internet worth the visit seven days a week. It's not done for the awards, naturally, but it's always nice to be recognized for what we do.

I'm very grateful for everyone who helps put this blog together and for all the help our readers give. I think it was Dan Manatt of Politics TV that called me the Vlog Father a few years ago when we were talking on the phone. I thought that was pretty funny and we laughed about it.

Thanks, team.

(Correction for TIME: I started C&L in September of '04)
Second, John's buddy and colleague, Gorden Skene, an awesome dude in his own right, is collaborating with C&L to start a new website, Newstalgia, a historical look at the events of the present, brought to us through the sights and sounds of the past.

Here's a little bit about Gordon.
Crooks and Liars

Two time Grammy Nominee Gordon Skene comes to Newstalgia with a lifelong passion of collecting and archiving news, historic events and popular culture.

Started on the morning of November 22, 1963, Skene has accumulated an archive of over 100,000 reels and 40,000 discs of broadcasts, airchecks and field recordings highlighting history from 1898 to the present.

He's been involved with several album and Internet projects such as "Great Speeches of The Twentieth Century", "The Beat Generation", 'Have A Nice Decade - The 70's Culture Box" "The Big Box of Baseball" and more recently "The 100 Greatest" CD/Boxset. He was actively involved with Microsoft on their Encarta and Bookshelf projects and has provided The History Channel with over 1,000 historic clips to be used as downloads on their website.

In addition to countless album and internet projects, The Gordon Skene Sound collection, in conjunction with Searchworks, has provided numerous historic recordings for such film/TV projects as "Brokeback Mountain" "The Miracle", "Angels In America" and "The Hoax". He has worked closely with the music Departments of 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros.

There's more...
And rather than me even quoting Gordon's first post and his intentions for Newstalgia, pop on over and check out Newstalgia.

Highly, highly recommended.

Well done.