Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tom Geoghegan for Congress

photo by Chelsea Ross

In exciting news for progressives we have found out that liberal champion, fantastic writer and all around great guy Tom Geoghegan will run for Congress to take the recently vacated seat in the Illinois Fifth District, formerly occupied by Rahm Emmanuel. This guy is for real. He will be a terrific progressive voice to join folks like Donna Edwards.

From Wikipedia:

Thomas Geoghegan (b. 1949, Cincinnati, Ohio) is a Chicago labor lawyer and author.

He is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School. He has represented the United Mine Workers, Teamsters for a Democratic Union, and currently works at Despres, Schwartz & Geoghegan. He has been a staff writer and contributing writer to The New Republic and his work has also appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Dissent, The American Prospect, and The Nation. His commentary has been featured on National Public Radio, Nightline, The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, CNBC, and PBS's WTTW-11.

No website yet but you can join the Facebook group.

And you can check out his books:

Which Side Are You On?: Trying to Be For Labor When It's Flat On Its Back (FSG), ISBN 0-374-28919-0

The Secret Lives of Citizens: Pursuing the Promise of American Life (Pantheon Books), ISBN 0-679-42153-X

In America's Court: How a Civil Lawyer Who Likes to Settle Stumbled into a Criminal Trial (New Press), ISBN 1-56584-732-6

The Law in Shambles (Prickly Paradigm), ISBN 0-9728196-9-X

See You in Court: How the Right Made America a Lawsuit Nation (New Press), ISBN 978-1-59558-099-3

And if you are as enthusiastic as I am about his run you can contribute to:

Tom Geoghegan for Congress
PO Box 1145
Chicago, IL 60690

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