Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick New York City Comments

Running around the city today, doing stuff.

Been at the New York Public Library all morning and early afternoon, up in the third floor reading Rose Main Reading Room. The art in the hallway outside is beautiful. I took some photos which perhaps I'll get up in the next few days. Haven't tried my photo downloading software on my MacBook software yet, so we'll see how it goes.

About to head out to the Patagonia store up in SoHo and pick up more cold-weather gear for D.C. It's SO cold out and D.C. is going to be colder still.

I have been wearing Patagonia for outdoor stuff since 1984 when I was working as a paramedic in upstate New York on a ropes course at a self-help LGAT. This before Patagonia was considered "cool." We bought Patagonia because it was associated with climbing gear, and we were all climbers. Patagonia was very technical gear which worked for us in a serious way. Then the hip people started using it, but whatever.

Anyway, Patagonia's the Real Deal. The coat I'm wearing right now I've had since 1988. At home I have a pullover I bought in 1984. In the trunk of my car I've a raincoat I bought in 1987 which I used to wear as a paramedic in Oakland and Richmond. It's STILL WATERPROOF. Just like my L.L. Bean insulated snow boots which I'm wearning now. Bought them in 1990 at the actual L.L. Bean store in Maine, having driven up from Logan Airport in the middle of a storm.

The Real Thing, baby. Moving on...

GNB is now credentialed for something super extra special on Sunday. *smiles*

This is in addition to the huge concert (HBO) Sunday night at the Lincoln Memorial. The newly credentialed event is Sunday at NOON ET. We'll announce just what this is tomorrow. 'Cause it really diserves its own post. Also, am in a hurry to get to the Patagonia store.

In the meantime, please make sure you clear your schedule to be watching LIVE on SUNDAY NOON ET. You can watch the entire event on live streaming video PLUS GNB coverage uploaded either during (if Internet access is available we'll live-blog what you're seeing live stream) and/or shortly afterward we'll upload our written coverage, along with multiple photographs, and videos!

More tomorrow when we announce just what it is we're covering.

Got to go... Stuff to do, subways to ride.