Thursday, January 15, 2009

Part 6: Emergency Inaugural Fundraising Request

Dateline: New York City

From the GNB News Desk in New York City, this is Jesse Wendel reporting LIVE.

Arrived on JetBlue's Seattle red-eye about 6 am ET/3 am PT (post time; all posts are made on Pacific Time.)

New England, New York, Philadelphia, and more... snow, slush and COLD.

Last night I flew out from Seattle through the night towards New York at flight level 36, almost SEVEN MILES above sea level... even though we didn't have all the money raised. It's what I call, JUMPING OVER THE CLIFF.

Four and a half hours later I and about 150 other people had traveled coast to coast. While we traveled at 550-600 miles an hour, 50-60 degrees BELOW zero, dependent on the oxygen/nitrogen/hydrogen mixture being circulated inside the Airbus 320 being flown by the two pilots, Air Traffic Control, GPS, and really sophisticated avionics...

As all that happened, y'all kept coming through, donating repeatedly, yesterday evening, night, overnight, and some of you this morning.

Please keep it up!

Donate today & tonight FULL OUT and LM & I will hit our minimums.
Promise. We're absolutely close enough.

That's minimums, mind you. *smiles*
Obviously we'd like to go a little over so we have a safety margin.

I'm so grateful for what everyone is doing. Later today I'll give you a post about some stuff I noticed about New York City early this morning.

Your donations are making this possible

LM is taking a shower. We're about to go grab a bite before LM goes to work. (I've been up non-stop for over 36 hours, and am HUNGRY. Hungry hungry hungry,)

Later tonight LM's promised I can have ROASTED CHESTNUTS. Yummy. *smiles*

Please keep the donations coming: $100, $75, $50, $25. Not so I can buy roasted chestnuts. But because tomorrow we're renting the car we're driving to D.C. and back.

LIVE from the GNB News Desk in New York City, it's Jesse Wendel...
Be back later today with more stories.

Thank you SO much for your support. It means the world. *hugs everyone*