Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oath of Office

Joe Biden icame out. Giving love all around.

Dick Cheney is in a wheelchair... they had to PUSH HIM OUT; it's the
only way they could get him out.

Bush came out. No one loves him, 'cept maybe his mother.

Obama's coming out. What... You mean Obama's black?

The crowd at 7 am was alread 2.5 million. Now it's a waving sea going
two miles all the way from the Capital to the steps of the Lincoln

The crowd goes WILD. Obama shaking hands. Calm, cool, the man.

The Invocation... Blew. And was Long. Stupid preacher. Not only a
bigot, but a long-winded bigot. *spits*

.Ms. A. Franklin lays America the Beautiful on us, the breath smokey
on her smokey voice. I've never heard it better - her or the song.

Biden is sworn in by Associate Justice John Paul Stevens.


Kisses and handshakes all around.

Music like you can't beliieve (I can't spell all the names on the fly,
sorry) - Perlman, Ma, McGill

Obama IS now the President of the United States as per the
Constitution, as it is past 12:01 pm ET

Barack Obama takes the oath of office as given by Chief Justice Roberts.

Hail to the Chief is played.

21 guns are fired.