Saturday, January 31, 2009

**Hot, SexXxy, Young**

Teen Prostitution in Oakland

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I know this part of Oakland well.

And these girls.

I've had them in my rig, over and over again.

This is where I worked. This was my territory. These were my clients.

Daughter #1 is 22 -- a hair stylist in West Seattle, formerly on the Junior College All-Star Team as a Defensive Starter for the Western half of the State of Washington in Soccer, her freshman year.
Daughter's 2 & 3, about to turn 21 & 19 are sophomore and freshman at Evergreen State College in Olympia, a really fine liberal arts college.
My son is 16, a sophomore, is in high school down in Olympia.

Given my own background as a teen and in my twenties, I am happy my children made it through their teens (*crosses fingers over my son*) without major lasting damage. We're a first world nation, and life remains unsafe, as near as the streets of our larger cities.

Want to think of something to spend our nation's money on?
Taking care of children at risk, and lost, sounds damn fine to me.

h/t Huffington Post.