Sunday, January 4, 2009

GNB is Covering the Inaugural LIVE from WDC

U.S. Capitol Building. photo Matt Ortega.

Inaugural Sixteen Days and Counting

Lower Manhattanite and I will be in Washington D.C. with LIVE inaugural coverage.

This is GNB. Of course we're going to be there. *smiles*

While you're welcome to kick into the GNB kitty to help us fund the trip, Maggie needs help more than we do.

I head for New York in less than ten days. Pick up LM and we head down to D.C. where we stay with a colleague of Sara's. Then it's work work work work work work work.

Lot's of great coverage, including photos, some video stand-up, and lots of writing.

LM and I will also be attending the Netroots Nation Yes We Can Party January 19. It's a great ticket. If you're going to be in D.C., get a ticket and we'll see you there.

After the swearing in and the dancing that night, it's back to New York to hang with Doc Bopper and the whole gang. Perhaps even some food blogging that week if you're all very nice. Then home again home again late night the 24th.

More specifics as we get closer. Just letting y'all know what's going DOWN.