Monday, January 12, 2009

Car Repair Part 3: Emergency Inaugural Fundraising Request

Stuck at home.

The repairs are going to cost between $500-800, money I had budgeted (carefully saved) for the inaugural. I fly out Wednesday night.

And I don't get paid again till AFTER the inaugural. I've been saving for this trip for months. This totally blows. Originally I'd planned a major (two-week) GNB fundraiser for this trip, but I decided not to because of everything we've asked you to do for Maggie. However if anyone does want to chip in, at this point I won't mind.

My car won't be ready till tomorrow. If I'm lucky. They're currently tearing apart the wiring over the engine block, which is an eight-foot section of electric wrapping. They have to look at each foot of it bit by individual bit, looking for the short.


Update: Car is ready for pickup in the morning. $984. I don't get paid till the 22nd.

Which means either a lot of people help fund GNB's coverage for our inaugural trip right now, or I'll have to cancel. We've got two days before I leave... or don't. I'm picking up LM in NYC and we're going down to D.C. together to give you live coverage.

I had $1400 saved up. What with towing costs for my car, after I pay the bill, I'll have about $300 left. This is the money I've been saving for four months (since Denver.) And no, I don't have anything else saved up, nor do I keep charge cards. Me and charge cards = bad news.

I can't make this trip with only $300 for ten days. Thanks to the generosity of friends and colleagues, our housing is taken care of, but I'll need transportation and food.

Yes, we have media credentials for our time in D.C. Which were very hard to get.

Sorry to ask, but we have to raise almost $1,000 and we have ONLY two days.

Please help send Jesse and LM to the inaugural. Donate now: $100, $75, $50, $25.

Thank you.