Saturday, January 10, 2009

Car Repair Part 2

Goodyear kept the car most of the day.

Did close to three hours of work, trying to figure out what was going on.

Charged me for none of it, zeroed out the bill.

Decided it wasn't the starter -- that was clear immediately.

The main fuse kept blowing, which means there's a power short to ground in the main electrical system. Somewhere an electrical line has worn through and is against bare metal. That kind of tracing a short isn't something for a tire store to be doing.

I had the car towed 15 miles to Burien, to a shop which does nothing but electrical work. Got there right at 6 pm as they close for the weekend. They put it inside, so at least the car is locked up tight.

Monday morning first thing they'll get to work. They believe they can fix it quickly. I'll take a taxi over, pay them, and be mobile again.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll take a taxi down the hill to the bus system, then ride the bus to Bellevue, get my hair done (which I'd rescheduled), then reverse the trip.

What with being a gimp and all, the car is my legs for anything much longer than walking around the house or in and out of a store. The bus line is a mile and a half from here down a STEEP hill.