Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tle'go dilt ahgo

Happy New Year!

(translator's note: the word for word literal translation is "celebrate with the gun." in the apache land that means new year's eve. we, as a culture, were always baffled by the impositions and artificial boundries that a calendar represented. there is a whole crowd of the latest doomsday cultists that are all worked up about the 3,000 year cycle of the mayan calendar and the hopi long count synchronizing on sept 12, 2012. what they fail to realize is the same failures of understanding applied to every other calendar based disaster meme. calendars are merely tools that humans have overlaid upon the inevitable and unstoppable workings of the unimaginably immense universe. we do this to bring things to a smaller, less complex level that can be comprehended by the likes of us. it's like when the first whites called our snake dance a "rain dance." it isn't that at all. we have no illusions that the rains come at our bidding, or won't come if we fail in our ceremonial duties. it always amused us when the missionaries would enlist our complicity in rituals like trans-substantiation, we knew better. although there were many apache who decided that since the white society was strong enough to inflict such total defeats upon us that, therefore, it must follow that the gods they worship must be stronger. there are some delightful mashups of belief that have occured from that. think of the complications that might ensue when the sacramental wine is exchanged for cactus nubbins...

i've digressed far enough.)

happy new year to you all. my very best wishes to all of you.

our little community here is something wonderful and dear to me. thank you for that.

This was originally left this morning as a comment for my friends at Ranger Against War (a must read for some very interesting and informative comment threads).

It applies here, so I cut'n'pasted.

12 and change hours to go with this current year. Good Fucking Bye is about all I gots to say about that. 20 days, and we get to see George W. Bush leave and Barack Hussein Obama assume the duties as President of the United States of America. (I still love to type that, it rolls off of my fingers with joy).

Hope might be the only thing left in the box.

Hope is enough ya'll. Hope is enough.