Friday, December 19, 2008

Patriots Do the Right Thing

Upholding and protecting the constitution of the USA from all enemies, foreign AND domestic is a serious matter. We can see how many failed in that duty in the last eight years. One who did not fail has laid down his burden after a long life of duty, honor, and sacrifice.

SAN FRANCISCO - W. Mark Felt, the former FBI second-in-command who revealed himself as "Deep Throat" 30 years after he helped reporters to unravel the Watergate scandal that toppled a president, has died. He was 95.- AP and MSNBC
This news will stir up reminders of investigations and misconduct long past as we also hear that calls are increasing for deep and far reaching investigations into the detainee treatment since 9/11. We will need some real patriots to bring any of the miscreants of these recent years to face Lady Justice. I hope some are inspired by this man who risked everything to restore our nation.