Thursday, December 11, 2008

Countdown To Jeopardy

(I'm the one on the right)

I'm not all that tall, but, for the show appearance I was seated in a director's chair the staff graciously provided. Standing for long periods of time is not something I do comfortably or well.

With all the furor about government corruption let me say this:

You can trust the integrity of the show, and the staff of Jeopardy.

They take security seriously. People who have any access to the questions are kept apart from the contestants. All during the tapings there is two or more staff members watching. Even the people on the floor doing the work of the show don't know until the monitors fire up which questions will be displayed. That's done randomly, right there on the spot. The staff writer who is there with the judges (and I have no idea who the judges were, they were never introduced to us) has no contact, and would not acknowledge us in any way.

Showtime for me is Wednesday, December 17th. Check your local listings. Today's winner Christine is a fine woman. Very gracious. From now until showtime is all people I've met.

Jeopardy contestant pools are a fun bunch. It's rare, especially in our society that prizes aggressive ignorance to be in a room full of very smart people, where it is also cool to be one of those very smart people. There wasn't a lot of "can you top?" type of stuff going on. At one point one of our conversations went seamlessly from English into French. One of them commented on the unusual nature of my accent.

I said: "C'est Indochine." They nodded.