Saturday, December 27, 2008

About Damn Time

RIAA Quits Suing World

In the best Holiday Present Ever, the RIAA announced they were no longer suing their customers.

Now they'll simply contact your ISP and try and have your Internet access turned off.

Because the RIAA still thinks YOU, your MOTHER, CHILDREN, your UNCLE RUPERT, SISTER GLORIA, and all your employees are fucking thieves.

Aren't you? You over there... Aren't you a fucking thief? Yes... you, with your hand on that DVD. What? You already OWN it. You're just making a COPY onto your daughter's iPOD? POLICE. POLICE, someone call the POLICE! FBI, DEA, US NAVY, we've CAUGHT ONE...

The only reason they're quitting suing is because a class action law suit against them was about to blow up in their face. It was going to cost them about a zillion trillion peta-ga-lots of dough. Even more than Wall Street just got with no strings attached from both Republican and Democratic members of Congress, and that President-elect Obama thinks was a really good idea.

Now the RIAA is just going to get your ISP to shut down your Internet access, attempt to hack into your home account, have you download screwed up files and if they mess up your system, well, that's what you evil criminals like you deserve.

New business model that treats artists with respect, shares profits with artists without funny "studio accounting", and considers customers as people who want to pay an honest price for music, film and television to the artists they like....

Fuh-get-about-it. This is just same game, different inning.

The game is still to eliminate every possible means for you to make ANY legal copies of music you own, including backup copies, time-shifted copies, or copies you make to share with a friend. And if someone goes out of business, you're -- again -- going to be completely screwed as their DRM server dies, leaving you with no means of authorizing your collection. Regardless of the laws which should protect you.

Again, the point is not to protect you. You're a customer, thus by definition, a wanton lawbreaker and thief, either already, or potentially. The entire point is to protect the failed business model which already exists, thus screwing YOU, screwing the artist, and ultimately screwing the studios by locking them in tighter and tighter into what already has been proven to totally suck.

But congratulations. At least the RIAA isn't suing us any more.

And Happy New Year.