Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Happens if The Other Guy Wins?

Harry Hansbury of the American News Project went to Columbus, OH and asked both liberals and conservatives: What happens if the other guy wins?

The Obama people said they'd suck up and deal:

And the McCain voters were simply panicked by all the things they're sure they know that ain't so:

These are the conversations we're having today. If you don't want people like this running the country, get your hiney out there and vote.

Please also note: The networks will probably call this thing as soon as the polls close in Virginia. This does not mean it's in the bag. It's still just a projection -- and it will only come to pass if everybody, including those of us on the West Coast, show up and deliver.

What are you doing to get Obama elected today? (Me? I'm blogging, as usual....)