Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Open Thread

What ONE QUESTION would you ask the President-Elect?

  • In public at a press conference.
  • In private just the two of you.
  • Or if you like, you, Obama, and the First-Lady to be. (You can double-date. Heck, bring the kids.)
What ONE CHANGE would you have the President-Elect make?
  • That everyone knows.
  • Privately (Must be a change that can be done in private.)
What ONE POSITION would you take in President Obama's Administration?
  • That you're qualified for. (By experience. College isn't an issue.)
  • Your dream job. (Don't worry about vetting...and spoil your dream?)
  • What's your Fantasy job? Chief of Staff, Secretary of State or Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Secretary of Defense or the President's Body Man. First Lady's Chief of Staff. Secret Service Agent. Head of the President's Detail. Or even the Undersecretary of Agriculture who gets stranded in Iowa and meets a corn-fed blond twenty-something farmer's daughter who is (as Aaron Sorkin put it) "wholesome but not too wholesome..."
  • What is your fantasy job in the Obama Administration... and WHY? *grins*
What ONE BRIEF SENTENCE/PARAGRAPH would you send the Transition Team?

Also, Open Thread on Sunday food.

I'm going to go have waffles, bacon and a Coke Cola. In a little while. And probably a BLT and a quart of potato salad for dinner. Hopefully with pie. The lemon pie I had yesterday was delicious. Mmmmm. (I had two slices.) Yummy.

First however, you should know I've been trying to post this since 8 am pacific, and keep falling asleep, four or five times at least. I'm going to publish it quickly, even if I'm not sure I have all the typo's out or have it quite right yet, because I just can't seem to stay awake.

Yes, my sleep schedule is weird. If you're going to call me today however don't worry, just go ahead and call anyway; I wake up quickly.