Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Open Thread

Belgian Waffles With Strawberries. New Year's Day, 2006.

Celebration Sunday Breakfast

What are you having?

I've been up all night watching TV comedies on DVD. Something about laughter helps make pain go away, it's really amazing. I'll stay up for hours with comedies, like old friends. They help the drugs stretch out an extra hour or two when the jokes are really rolling.

I'm on Season, well, never mind. It's a show people would make fun of me for watching. But I like it, always have. (There's a word, actually it's two words I think, for stuff one does like this, watching shows and doing stuff you really like but you don't tell people about. Secrets. It's been bugging me for days. Anyone?)

It's like grilled-cheese sandwiches. I love them, especially with green chilies, tomatoes, avocados, and some pepper, served open-face. Mmmmm. With a nice Coca-Cola (now that I no longer drink beer.) I could eat a bunch of them, watching a good game.

Some folks would get all snooty. Whatever.

I like ribs, waffles, chicken. I like okra and catfish, greens, waffles and fresh fruit. I like pie, and I like a good salad. Sushi is a gift from the Gods. Mexican and Chinese are delicious, as are Thai and Italian.

A good steak is great, and oh how I love a good cheeseburger. And did I mention ribs and sushi? Let me mention them again... Ribs, chicken, sushi. (And till you've had Minstrel Boy's Truffles, you don't know the meaning of the word Chocolate. No kidding.)

I like to EAT.

What I don't like is to be pretentious about it. I like it good, and I like it straightforward. Fresh, and well-made. Nothing wrong now and then with complicated and tricky, if it's done well, but again, the underlying food needs to be fresh and there needs to be enough of it. None of this going into a place, paying $80-$100 a person and leaving hungry. Or having the meal be so complicated you can't figure out how this taste works against that taste. That is too complicated.

Today is my first day since the election where I'm going to have enough time to myself to go out and enjoy eating.

As normal on weekends, I'm heading to my favorite diner for breakfast/brunch.

Either a perfect waffle with two kinds of fresh fruit, or Maggies Mess which is hash browns with onions, sausage, and veggies, smothered in gravy, in my case with an over-medium egg on top. And English Muffins with honey. With both I'll have a full four-piece side of the best bacon you've ever had. And a Coca-Cola in a tall glass full of ice. Then to go, an enormous BLT with a quart of potato salad and half a pie. All served by people who know and like me.

How are you celebrating, er, eating this Sunday?

Before I leave, I'm going to watch some more comedy on DVD.

What do you watch when no one is around?

How are you coming down from the election?

Open Thread for food, comedy, and coming down from the election.