Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Morning

Open Thread

Sorry for the dearth of posting, I won't be at my main station computer until tomorrow afternoon. I'm gigging in Palm Springs and couch surfing a few days every week. Friday though, I took a break from the after Thanksgiving kitchen scrub (people not me in my kitchen always seem to leave a mess, that happen to you too?) to take the Sgt Major's delightful twin daughters and Dani out to see my horses and take a quick ride.

One of the Sgt Major's girls, in a very matter of fact voice, while we were tacking up the horses said "My friends at school told me that only rich people have horses. Are you rich?"

I was taken aback. I've been feeling very poor lately, hell, if not poor, at least greatly diminished. Then, I looked at the grand vista near where my horses are boarded, I looked at the adoring faces of three little girls who were excited in ways that only little girls about to ride horses can be.

"I'm richer than I ever dreamed of being my dear."

I meant every word of that. How's your morale holding up under all the assaults?