Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proposition (h)8 Passes

By Lisa Leff, Associated Press / November 5, 2008

Religious Bigots Think That They've Won

It passed, but this is only the first step. It appears that in their haste to draft something that they felt would be bulletproof, i.e. a constitutional amendment, the Christiopaths, as they are wont to do, operated under a belief that the law was what they wanted to it to be, and not exactly what it was.

The first challenges will come from the more than 18,000 couples (my cousin, the brilliant attorney and his beautiful husband among them) who were married in that brief, shining moment of sensible equality that existed from May to the present time.

Part of their challenge to keep their marriages legal will involve exposing the way that the drafters of Prop 8 disregarded California law in their rush to deny equal rights to our fellow citizens.

To be amended the California Constitution says that a draft of the amendments must pass the State Assembly and the State Senate by a 2/3rds majority, then be ratified by the people in a general election.

Since they had failed twice to get their odious dream through the state legislature, they decided that they would jump the process and take it straight to the people, winning there, only by a very small margin.

This ain't over folks. Not by a long shot.

Breathe. Rest. Fight the fuck on.

Nanadaag onlka'ad

(we fight on, in Western Apache)