Monday, November 10, 2008

Links: The Currency of Blogs


What makes a blog (or any media) matter?

Demographics first, then circulation.

Blogs (and all media) matter based on who reads them.

The President's Daily Brief has a very limited circulation, yet it matters a lot. Parade Magazine has a huge circulation and doesn't matter worth a damn.

Once you have the right demos, then you build circulation.

In the blogging world, there are a number of key points one pays attentions to, one of which is links to other blogs.

Why? Three reasons.

  • Links drive Google Pagerank, and Google matters enormously.
  • Links drive circulation, i.e.: hits and page views, which is the point.
  • Links increase Technorati ranking, and Technorati rank matters.
And finally... If someone does come to the blog and they like it, perhaps they'll stick around with a bookmark, or even give a link on their blog.

We've never asked anyone to link to us before. However...

The presidential inauguration is two and a half months away. We're at 18K on our Technorati ranking now (out of several million blogs). Last spring we were down as low as 5K. Before we request press credentials to the inauguration, we want to drive our Technorati rank back under 10K.

Would you help? If you have a blog or any web page (including a live journal), please link to any one of our posts.

We'd truly appreciate your doing so. We want to give you the best possible coverage of President Obama's inauguration possible. Thanks.