Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Contestant Information on Jeopardy

You can find information

about upcoming "BrainBus" events, and sign up for an email alert for their next online testing at the Jeopardy! website.

I encourage everybody to take the test. A whole lot of the game is simply luck. If they ask you stuff you happen to know, you'll kick ass.

When I was at a contestant search a couple of years ago there was this one guy in the line, spouting off, pontificating, trying to impress us all with how much he knows. Thing is, this was a Jeopardy crowd. We don't impress all that fucking easy. He had a "trophy" type, ultra hot young redhead on his arm, and when they were passing out the wrist bands to identify test takers, she demurred about taking the 10 question pre-test.

I told her "Go ahead, you have nothing to lose. They might just ask ten questions that you know. You're probably smarter than you think you are. I'm certain you're smarter than he thinks you are."

She took the pre-test, she passed, he didn't.

Give it a try. It's really fun.