Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Was On Jeopardy!

Be Sure To Watch December 17, 2008!

Or you will make President-Elect Barack Obama sad.

I cannot disclose how things went. I can, however, say without any reservation at all that this was a wonderful experience.

The Production Staff, the Contestant "Wranglers," Maggie, Bobby, Glen, and Joey all turned something that could have been very intimidating into something that was extremely fun, and exciting.

I suggest that anyone who has a mind for trivia, or just loves to play, find a Contestant Search (or, as they say now, a "Brainbus Event") and give it a try.

For once in my life I was a very smart person, in a room full of very smart people, and it was totally cool to be smart. It isn't always something that other folks can handle. Think of how it feels to be smart enough to see through the lies and the bullshit and be forced to live these last few months in "Dubyaland."

Smart people, being smart, and totally charming. Yes, I'm talking about you, all my fellow contestants. It was a hoot and a half to be around such an assembly of wit and talent. There probably hasn't been a gathering of minds like that since Jefferson dined alone.