Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin Makes Wedding Plans

photoshopped image downloaded from www.kunstler.com

Guns Now, Rings Later.

Hang on to your popcorn bowls folks. This is only going to get better.

This Firearms Safety Notice Inserted as a Public Service

When handling firearms the trigger finger is the very last body part to be put into position. Often called "the ultimate safety" keeping one's finger off of the trigger is the most effective way to prevent accidental discharges. Posing this way with the rifle unaimed, and the finger on the trigger is tantamount to an invitation to disaster. Do not try this at home.


Evidence has been shown to demonstrate that this photo was shopped. tanbark, you can hit the PayPal button and kick in that $20.

It's still funny.

This picture, downloaded from Missouri Mule at Blondesense may also be photoshopped.

It's. Still. Funny. Imagine all the fun we can have. Here's my cut-line:

Sarah Palin shows off her "Secret Diplomatic Weapon." She anticipates total command of the situation. Putin will be "putty" in her hands. Defy this mistress at your peril!

What's your caption?