Monday, September 1, 2008

The Kitchen, Boulder; The Real Deal in Local And Sustainable

My last day in Colorado I took the 4$ bus from Denver to Boulder to spend a day browsing, relaxing, and enjoying the local scene. My last dinner was spent in a wonderful little place. THE KITCHEN, chef owner/ Hugo Matheson.

all photos, tlg 08.31.08 at The Kitchen, Boulder Colorado

The Kitchen and the team there take local and sustainable to a remarkable level. The whole restaurant is 100% wind powered. The napkins made from recycled cotton, the changing menu made from meats, veggies, and local products sourced with loving care. No waste and great care to make the best choices from a to z.

This from their website;

Eco Practices-- We believe that being "green" transcends any current hype or fad. We simply believe it is the right thing to do for our community, at home and at large. We make conscientious decisions about every aspect of our operations, from the hand towels in the bathroom to the wind-power generated electricity we use. We recycle and reuse nearly 100 percent of our "discards". All of our paper products and straws are biodegradable. We give the remaining uncooked food and open bottles of wine to our staff at the end of each shift and all of our food scraps are made into compost, often returning to the farm where they were first harvested.

The staff was attentive, the food fantastic, and the atmosphere grade A.

One thing that they did which I was impressed with was they way they promoted their local providers. On a gorgeous black board right in the middle of the main dining area they listed up where they got their meat, fish and a list of local farms and companies that they source from. It created a compelling feeling of community. And I know if I lived in Boulder, as many of the diners did, I would certainly look those companies up and buy from them.

I started dinner with a cheese plate, paired with wines recommended by the chef. All American cheeses, one cow, one goat, one sheep.

And for dinner I had Duck with Grilled Peaches and Couscous. Finished off with a dark and luscious glass of port.

Returned back to Denver via the bus to pack and head home. This was a wonderful way to end my journey. If you ever get to Boulder, be sure to check out The Kitchen.

You can read more about it here.

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