Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home is Where the Art Is; Open Thread

This painting was done by a friend of mine, a Chico Cal. gal, who was living in Japan when I first got here years ago. Her name is Jana Donoho-Strong, and she is back in Chico now.

This is a painting of a huge stack of old Shoyu (soy) jugs outside a historic town in Shikoku. It is done on paper, and burned and distressed etc to make it look old. It is a big piece. And I love it.

This was a part of a series she did reflecting on her experience in Japan. She being fair skinned, American in a rural area of Japan where everyone else was uniformly Japanese. Not so much in Tokyo these days, but still in the countryside the sight of a foreigner is cause for exclamation. "Gaijin!" Also usually includes pointing and gesticulating.

What do you have hanging on your walls? Email me pics and I will update the post. Or just write about your favorite art (hanging on your home walls) in the thread.

At Jurassicpork's House

At Maggie Jochild's House

At Minstrel Boy's pad

At DrBopperTHP's digs (he sent a ton of great pics of terrific art this was one of my faves)

At reader Chris Pisarra's place they prefer big sculptural work! Love it!

from prof fate "although it looks like an ink drawing, is actually a paper cutting from a single sheet of black paper. It's inspired by the famous Chinese folk tale, "The Journey to the West" and depicts the Great Sage, Equal of Heaven Sun Wu Kung (aka the Stone Monkey) kicking some villainous butt as was his usual wont."

Sara's Gorgeous Hummingbird (I love this one!)"Watercolor and ink by Austrailian artist Jody Bassett. It's a metaphor for the physical limits imposed by the disease we share. I have it across from my bed, where I see it first thing every morning."

At home at Abo Gato's place

Sherry has this gorgeous family heirloom hanging in her halls,

(click on pics to enjoy larger versions)