Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cutting the Marshmallow

First, You Have To Get The Kid To Bring Them Back.

Use a sifter to dust your cutting board with powdered sugar, lay the marshmallow slab onto the board, then dust it again with powdered sugar and turn it over.

Then, use a very sharp knife, long enough to make a straight across cut with one guillotine type action, to cut a strip. It helps to first spray the knife with cooking spray, or wipe it down with vegetable oil. After that, dust it with powdered sugar. Cut the strip into cubes.

Dredge the cubes in powdered sugar.

Place in an airtight container or bag.

In an airtight container or a bag these should stay fluffy and tender for at least four days. I'm told they will last four days. They've never been around that long in my house.

Serving suggestions.

The famous Nutella Marshmallow sandwich. I usually take one of the marshmallow squares and slice it in half to thin it out. Place between two slices of bread and slather with Nutella.

S'mores with these absolutely rock.

Chopped into little bits and put inside truffles with graham chunks for my niece Audrey's favorite namesake truffle flavor.

Cut into 3"x1/2" strips with 2/3s of a strip dipped in tempered chocolate.

Plopped in a steaming mug of cocoa.

More variations:

Substitute 1/2 cup of strawberry puree, orange juice, or mango puree for the water that you bloom the gelatin in for fruit flavored marshmallows.

Substitute 1/3 by volume Dutch Process Cocoa with the sugar for a delicious chocolate marshmallow.

Politics Alert:

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