Friday, August 1, 2008

This is Just Wrong-- Cake Wrecks; A New Obsession

1. Subcultures are fascinating.
2. America can go to amazing extremes.

These two basic premises are the inspiration for many a bizarre chronicling of odd items on the web. I just found the site Cake Wrecks which details the worst of the worst, professionally made cakes that have been perpetrated on customers and guests alike across our fair country.

While I was enjoying browsing through all of the strange and pathetic attempts to defy common sense and sometimes gravity I came to this one...

Apparently this, um, foot cake-- which is a Chinese lotus wrapped/ bound foot was made for a podiatrist's party because as they mention on the site;

when a doctor is forced to look at and/or handle other people's feet all day every day, I'm sure said doctor can think of nothing more appealing than eating a giant version of one of the most hideous foot deformities possible. ("Alright! Please, tell me you got Pistachio ice cream to go with!?!")

This is one instance where I actually pity the baker responsible; to make this, she had to reference an actual photo. (All together now! Ewwwwww.)
This really is one of the most disgusting food items I have ever seen created. I can't imagine that anyone at that party felt particularly hungry. Look at those toenails!

There are so many great cake-laughs on this site and also some truly appalling wrecks like the one above but on the more funny-pathetic side, this Chuck Norris cake caught my eye. And the snarky commentary was perfect.