Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Sidebar; 335ft Long Barbecue in Russia

Summer means BBQ in Russia too.

Most BBQs entail flipping a couple of burgers at the bottom of your garden and assembling a vegetable kebab if you're feeling creative. But that was not the case in Moscow as a team of Russians decided to supersize and hold what they are calling the world's longest BBQ. And at 335ft long it's got to be a strong contender.-- MailOnline
It looks pretty darn tasty. It is not clear if they got the world record.

When I was in High School my marching band made it into the Guiness Book of Records for the longest ice cream sundae. We made it as a fundraiser, sold the sundae by the foot. It was quite a production.

Created in a long trough made of cut cardboard tubes lined with tinfoil. Then an ice cream truck, banana truck, chocolate syrup teams, and cherry putter-on-ers walked down the street in town to construct the Sundae ingredient by ingredient. The sundae was more than a mile long. I love this kind of strange quirky stuff. When I was a kid I loved reading about world record breakers. Fascinating stuff.

Another school beat our record the next year, but it was a great community endeavor- and we raised enough money for our big band trip. Good memories.