Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some Kind Of Thunder


During Bill Richardson's speech a few minutes ago—a very, very good speech I might add (The signature line said with utter disgust: “Are you going to miss Dick Cheney?”), the press box area was...shall we say, interrupted by a rumbling noise. To a New Yorker, the sound was akin to that of a couple of “A” Trains blasting past underneath the sidewalk—replete with shaking and an almost “thunderous” sound.

But there are no subways in Denver. And then, the sound came again. On Richardson's applause lines it seemed. Worried eyes flitted about the press box. Nobody said earthquake, but we were all thinking it.

And then a young man seated down from me laughed / gasped the words, “It's the audience. They're stomping. That's the crowd. They're shaking the place to pieces.”

They're shaking the place to pieces.”

My dear, sweet, screwed-to-all-holy-hell GOP...what in God's name are you going to do next week at your convention?