Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now That Was a Birthday Party!

Ok, that was one hello of a birthday. (click on that pic above for the big version.)

I am honored to be a new DNC member. Thrilled to have had a chance to hear these speeches. I feel so happy to have seen the wonderful speech by Teddy "Every one's senator" Kennedy.

It was a good day. The Democrats are really putting the party back into the Party.

This convention was the most diverse ever! It is an amazing crowd. And we are coming together. Tomorrow is a big test for us. A lot riding on it.

Mrs. R will probably have a nice long piece about Michelle, She had a great spot down front. I will write more about my reactions, the people I am meeting and the Rock the Vote event I attended after- which was loads of fun...

The wireless suckage is slowing down the blogging but we will try to catch up more tomorrow. Gotta crash now as my first meeting tomorrow is at 7:45 am and It is well past 1 am now.

Thanks all. Also More photos from my new birthday camera coming soon.