Thursday, August 28, 2008

News from All Over

McCain says "Congratulations." Are we the only ones who heard the word "boy" at the end of the thing?

Nicole Belle at C&L has this to say about GOP whining about the presumptuousness of tonight's column-festooned set.

Pam Spaulding outlines pretty much what we went through to get here. We actually saw Terrence Heath up here a while back (he blogs with Pam at House Blend, and is also one of my co-bloggers at CAF); and went up in the elevator right after Willie Brown.

It was funny to see LM go into fanboy mode standing next to Willie, waiting. And gushing about the details of his clothes. (Hizzoner is well-known to be the best dressed man in the entire state of California, and nobody's been even in the running for 30 years.)