Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Morning Tent

Long night, we wandered out of the Pepsi center, high on Michelle Obama and them really cute kids of hers. Hearing rumors of assassination attempts. Sniper rifle from 750 yards? yeah right, tell me another on. Maybe they could get "lasers".

I saw David Brooks gapped toothed monkey ass walking down the street hitting on some co-eds. What a loser.

Day 2 is even more chaotic as people try to maintain some sense of order while their schedules spiral out of control, as they try to make all the caucuses and talks they want. Tonight is Hillary Night. Unity Bitches!

I am attending a thing with Richard Danzig and some other mooks moderated by Jokeline and then off to the DNC Veterans and Family Council Caucus.

Tlg is running around interviewing people and not eating her lunch.