Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jew Hater and Corporate Shill Nikki Tinker Gets Beat Bad in TN

48% Reporting...

Steve Cohen*    (D / Inc.) 31,521 80% 
Nikki Tinker    (D)         7,256 18% 
Joe Towns, Jr.  (D)           585 1% 
Isaac Richmond  (D)           131 0% 
James Gregory   (D)           121 0% 
Oh SNAP... One of Harold Ford Jr.'s protege's Nikki Tinker is busy getting her ass beat in Tennessee right now.

Tinker had been endorsed by the DLC's Ford and Emily's list, but went on to send out campaign lit. against Steve Cohen (who is kicking her ass right now), saying that he and the "JEWS" hate Jesus, etc, etc. and that ain't kosher.