Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Other News

Outside of Denver, Life Goes On

Four Decapitated Bodies Found

Los Federales suspect foul play. There is a full on shooting war going on just across the border. Nobody's really sure what the sides are, or who's shooting whom, maybe they're all just pissed off and shooting everybody. . .we do know that it's not cute like it is on Weeds. Not one headless body looked the slightest bit like Mary Louise Parker.

John McCain raises funds in Randall "Duke" Cunningham's district.

$1,000 for rubber chicken lunch and standard stump speech. $10,000 if you want to go through the "smile and shake" line. John McCain says that it's a shame there are so many Republicans in jail.

Manchester Executive is troubled by boycott

After saying that the boycott of his two hotels by gay and lesbian organizations would not trouble him in the slightest. Well, a few million down the tubes to lost business and now he's troubled. Not enough to withdraw his support for the odious ballot proposition that threatens to reverse recent court decisions which have allowed our Californian gay and lesbian citizens to be treated like they were citizens of a state rather than subjects of a theocracy.

In other news, the Russians have recognised the independance of the two breakaway regions of Georgia, they have also accused the U.S. of delivering arms instead of the claimed humanitarian relief supplies. William Kristol said "Guns can be a humanitarian supply," Rove said "Damn skippy brah."

James Howard Kunstler says our economy is still fucked. Maybe beyond all repair.

This is getting depressing, we need a missing white woman or a Britney Spears court date.


Lance Mannion has a brilliant post up about war heroes and the presidency.