Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gustav Watch

From National Geographic This Morning

It's not panic time in New Orleans. The best predictions list possible landfalls from Texas to Missippii.

It's not rest easy time either. The interplay of the systems, the temperature of the water it passes over (as high as 85° in some places) and all the vagaries of weather systems will be at play.

Accdording to Jeff Garmon, U.S. Weather Service meteorologist,

It's a foregone conclusion that the forecast will have an error in the track," Garmon said. "That's what makes forecasting the intensity so hard." "I'd like to stress that we don't start getting really confident [about landfall location] until it's two or three days out," he said. "That's when you see the whites of its eyes.

It's not time to panic just yet. But it's time to be aware of what's going on and have a plan in place.

Am I the only one who is wondering how all those "Pray for rain on Obama" assholes are feeling right now?

There are some sources that are saying President Bush is reconsidering his speaking appearance at the Republican Convention. He doesn't want to be up there talking about how wonderful life is under his administration while nature gives an object lesson in real power.

While all of this is going on, Tropical Storm Hannah is forming in the Atlantic.

South Florida doesn't look to get much chance of drying out.

To all of our readers in that region. Please, take what ever steps you need to take to keep yourselves and your families safe.